Insulation Removal
It is sometimes necessary to remove insulation from your attic.  The following are reasons you may consider Insulation Removal:
  • Water damage caused from roof leaks
  • Roofing debris that has fallen into your attic
  • Animal Infestation that has resulted in fecal or urine matter, causing an odor
  • Remodeling which requires re-wiring or repiping
  • Installation of a new air conditioner

Accessing the attic is usually simple, and the process of Insulation Removal is very much like the Insulation process.

  • Access attic through attic stairway in hallway or garage, attic closet, or sometimes accessed through the roof during a re-roofing circumstance.
  • All fiberglass batting, tarpaper, and wood shingle fragments are removed by hand, bagged and removed from premises.
  • All blown insulation is vacuumed clean with a large diameter hose, along with any debris, animal droppings or carcasses.  This is all vacuumed directly into a truck parked at the street, to be disposed of properly.

Once the Insulation Removal process is complete, the attic is ready to be Re-Insulated.  We advise the homeowner at this time to seal any points of animal access or floor areas heading to future problems.

See what our clients say about our service:
This Company is an Excellent Choice! Mr. Stevenson was present throughout the entire job, continuously monitoring his crew and the work they were doing. He initially went into the attic, explaining to me what he had found up there and if anything needed correcting.
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