Insulating Materials
We use Climate Pro by Johns Manville, which looks and feels like cotton.  Here are the benefits of our material:

  • It is an itchless material
  • Offers outstanding sound control
  • Blows-in easily, fills voids and gaps completely
  • Clean and easy to install with low dust levels
  • Formaldehyde-free, improves indoor air quality
  • Fire-resistant and moisture-resistant, unlike paper products, such as Cellulose
  • Long-lasting, won't rot, decay, or attract insects/animals
  • Offers continual savings
  • Environmentally sound

We also use Johns Manville Fiberglass Batting for all of our prep and trim materials, around all drip pans, furnace equipment, decked areas, and attic stairway openings.

For additional information on the products we use, please visit the Johns Manville website :

See what our clients say about our service:
This Company is an Excellent Choice! Mr. Stevenson was present throughout the entire job, continuously monitoring his crew and the work they were doing. He initially went into the attic, explaining to me what he had found up there and if anything needed correcting.
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