Why should I insulate my home?

Attic Insulation installed properly increases the overall comfort of a home and adds to the resale value. It keeps the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Good insulation keeps the heated air in the living area during the winter months and prevents the hot air in the attic from migrating into the living area during the summer months, thus using less energy for heating and cooling.

Why ventilate my attic?

Proper Attic Ventilation can save Energy and protect your home investment year round. During the summer months, heat will quickly build up in your attic space and penetrate in through the living areas, causing your cooling system to work harder and use more energy. During the winter months, air movement prevents moisture from building up in your attic and venting out. You need plenty of air circulation in your attic to keep it cool and dry. To achieve this effect you need both exhaust and intake vents in your attic.  

What is an "R" Value?

“R” stands for resistance to heat flow. The higher the “R” value the greater the insulating ability, and the more effective it is.

How much money will I save after making improvements?

Each home is unique and different, but generally 20 – 35% or more savings can be achieved in a cost effective way.

What type of product should I use?

A fiberglass material that is clean and easy to install. The product we use is formaldehyde-free and naturally flame and moisture resistant. It is dust free, chemical free, and itch-less.
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This Company is an Excellent Choice! Mr. Stevenson was present throughout the entire job, continuously monitoring his crew and the work they were doing. He initially went into the attic, explaining to me what he had found up there and if anything needed correcting.
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